Meet Your GO Team

The GoldOller team is synonymous with professional expertise.

The principals are seasoned real estate entrepreneurs with experience in all phases of real estate investments.

Richard S. Oller, Esq.

Founder and Chairman

Jake Hollinger

President and COO

Jill Hinton

Vice President of Operations

Jesica Hall, CPA

Vice President of Accounting

William Knapp

Director of Investments

Kate Muckenhirn

Director of Design and Brand Development

Sarah Campion

Director of Asset Management

Michelle Cornelison

Director of Training and Development

Rosemary Abreu

Director of Human Resources 

Kevin Swim

Director of Facilities and Construction

Blake Muraskin

Asset Manager

Michelle Murphy

Asset Manager

Lisa Moore

Training Manager

Ariel Hanson

Regional Property Manager

Jackie Todd

Regional Property Manager

Sharla Green

Regional Property Manager

Tanisha Sievers

Regional Property Manager

Elmedin Strikovic

Senior Facility Manager

Willie Elam

Facility Manager 

Greg Gouff

Facility Manager

Marques Holloman

Facility Manager 

Mark Dilisio

Facility Manager


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